Do you charge fees?


  • We will never charge a fee, period. And we personally cover all card processing fees for you so the best charities receive 100 cents of every dollar you donate. 



Why does Impact Giving Fund cover all fees?


  • We’re sick of donation processors touting that they have a 0% platform fee implying all of your money reaches the charity. In reality, there is at least a 2.9% + $0.30 fee for credit cards and a 0.8% fee for debit cards subtracted from your donation. We want to be different and truly make sure every cent reaches charity. So we’re paying those fees for you. We depend on generous tips from donors to help us prove that this model is doable. And wherever tips do not cover this amount, we pay out of our own pockets.




Are donation tax-deductible in the US?


  • All donations are to heavily-vetted 501c3 nonprofits. You'll receive tax deduction receipts monthly by email from out partner, Rethink Charity. 




When do you allocate funds?





What happens to my donated dollars until IGF allocates them?


  • All donations remain in a Pooled Fund account managed by our 501c3 registered charity partner, Rethink Charity. In the meantime, they accrue a very modest interest and all interest is included in our allocations. In effect, because we personally cover all related processing fees, the charities actually receive slightly more than 100% of your donations.




How do you allocate funds?





What is your methodology when selecting high-impact opportunities? 





What causes does the Impact Giving Fund support?


  • We do our best to remain cause neutral in identifying exceptionally opportunities to multiply the impact of your donated dollars. By avoiding focusing only on one cause area, we remain more open to hearing arguments and interpreting the research for and against new and existing types of charitable activities. That said, we do exercise a cause prioritization methodology that tends to favor cause areas that others are not receiving the attention and resources they deserve. Generally speaking, when a cause is neglected, there is more likely to be uniquely promising low hanging fruit that have not yet been picked at. Also, our methodology favors highly tractable cause areas, meaning those that both the evidence and the experts’ opinions supports as solvable problems.  And some problems are obviously more tractable than others, yet we still consider less tractable problems if they are exceptionally consequential. This is where Expected Value comes into play. And it is probably important to note here that we are not biased by politically affiliations or ideologies of any kind. We are simply and only interested in alleviating alleviating suffering of humans and animals and preserving this planet we all depend on.



With all this in mind, the areas we pay the most attention to are as follows, yet we will remain open to other neglected and tractable causes:

  • Health & Disease

  • Hunger & Nutrition

  • Water

  • Women & Girls

  • Children

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Animal welfare

  • Social Justice

  • Criminal Justice Reform

  • Democracy 

  • Global Poverty

  • Mental Health

  • Longterm Future

  • Catastrophic Risk Reduction 

  • Pandemic Preparedness 

  • Evidence-based Advocacy

  • Promising Research

  • Rainforest

  • Peace and nonviolence

  • Humane Technology


How do I adjust my monthly donation amount or cancel my donations?


  • We are working on introducing a feature on the website to allow you to adjust your donation amount. Until that is complete, please email us at Support@ImpactGivingFund.org with your request and we’ll make the changes manually. If you’d like to pause your donation for a set amount of time, or to cancel your donation entirely, you can send an email to the same address and we’ll take care of that immediately.